Supporting Orange, NSW

Helping regional NSW youth to learn and grow and assist the community in which they live


Based on research conducted by Australian Philanthropic Services, Sally Foundation selected Orange as its core regional focal point.

Geraldine has a connection to Orange in that during her working career at a centre in Sydney she used to get on a tiny plane with some other professionals and come out to Orange. Going back home always left her with a feeling that she would like to do more.

Together through Sally Foundation, Geraldine and Mike are trying to help foster the involvement of local organisations and the community so as to be a catalyst in the Orange region to improve the lives and prospects of young people. They are a strong believer and supporter of the Canobolas Big Picture Academy Program and its ability to result in young people that are able to say ‘it changed my whole life’ – leading to independence and pathways to leadership in all forms.

From their experience in Sally projects in Zimbabwe, they have seen first hand how work with vegetable gardens can fulfill the dual role of promoting healthy eating and improving overall wellbeing.

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In an interview with the ABC, Geraldine explains her inspiration and aspirations for Sally’s work in Orange.


Sally conducts its programs in Orange in conjunction with our partner, FRRR (Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal).


at Canobolas Rural Technology High

The Canobolas Rural Technology High School Big Picture Academy is the core project for Sally Foundation. They commenced using the Big Picture learning framework in 2016.


at Canowindra High School, Calare Public School & Orange High School

Over 200 children each week are engaged in kitchen gardening and cooking through this initiative…

Bringing entrepreneur Skills & thinking to School

at Orange High School

The concept was to establish a School Entrepreneurs Program at Orange High School to provide hands-on business straining to students


BIG PICTURE– What is it?

One student at a time

Big Picture Education Australia believes that innovative and diverse designs are needed within the public school system to meet the needs of those that the current educational structure does not support. Rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach, Big Picture Education focuses on individual learning and engaging students on a personal level.

They believe that true learning takes place when each student is an active participant in their education, when their course of study is personalised by teachers, parents and mentors who know them well, and when school-based learning is blended with outside experiences that heighten the student’s interest.

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NEW Learning approach

at Canobolas Rural Technology High

Canobolas Rural Technology High, Orange, joined the Big Picture program in early 2016. It provides a different style of learning to help students follow their interests as demonstrated in the video above.

Read more in this ABC News report

Big Picture schools educate one student at a time. Each student’s learning is based on the student’s own interests. Mentors in the community make the learning real. Families are involved in the learning. Big Picture learning supports young people to become lifelong learners, productive and engaged workers.

Find out more about the program on the Canobolas High School Big Picture page

In 2022, Big Picture Canobolas had 24 students enrolled in the academy this has been running successfully for 7 years. Students get to explore their passions and interests, get into the community to work with mentors and produce quality products assessed at the end of term exhibition.
Above: Geraldine helping students prepare their projects.


The kitchen garden program – via Pleasurable Food Education – teaches children to grow, harvest, prepare and share fresh, seasonal, delicious food in order to form positive food habits for life.

Canowinda High School

The goal of SAKG at Canowindra is to inspire students to grow their own produce at home and to make the garden space a place where students feel at home. It aspires to become a community hub where people will talk about the project and promote the pleasurable food philosophy with others- with opportunities for the community to volunteer their time to assist and support students in maintaining the garden spaces. Produce will be donated to the school canteen, charities such as the Canowindra Meals on Wheels and be sold to staff and families. It will give students a place to relax, gather their ideas and thoughts, practice mindfulness and be confident in growing and maintaining produce. It will provide an aesthetically pleasing feature of the school’s entrance.

 The program aligns with the Stage 4 Technology Mandatory Food/Ag curriculum.

Calare Public School

Calare Public School has a well established SAKG program that has been strongly supported by the local community. Sally Foundation has been assisting with the update of equipment and refurbished the kitchen to enhance its overall functionality and appeal.

Orange High School

Launched in 2019, the goal is to use the SAKG program as a catalyst for change across the school. So far, corrugated vegetable gardens have been constructed, and gardening tools, hoses, various seedlings and a garden shed have been purchased. Students in Years 7 and 8 Food and Agriculture classes have been planting and harvesting the delicious fresh produce to add to smoothie bowls, yoghurt pots, dips, fried rice, stuffed capsicums, pasta and sauces, risotto and pizza. The arrival of wooden furniture and a gas fuelled pizza oven will be exciting additions to the garden.

School Entrepreneurs Program at Orange High School

-The entrepreneur program is available to year 9 students and seeks to Implement interactive learning principles to support and broaden the current curriculum with the involvement of the business community.

-The program supports students to develop entrepreneurial skills and encourage adaptability, creativity and resilience.

-The students go through the business of market research, business investigation, establishing tax file numbers and ABN’s. They came up with a Business idea, develop a budget and business plan and present this to  a committee comprising the Principal, the School Business Manager and the Class Teacher. If the business plan was approved, they could access start-up capital provided by Sally Foundation. They then develop their services and products and look at social media and promotion. They are able to participate in the Community market..

-Students chose  a range of businesses and a few of these businesses did not gain traction for various reasons. This was valuable experience as students learned a lot from this experience and could observe why other business ideas of other groups worked and theirs did not. Overall it has been a successful concept. Examples of business for 2021 were

1. Orange Car Detailing , 2. Hard Yards Garden Maintenance, 3. Dr Juice, 4. Ravenswood Succulents, 5. Peg’s Gift Baskets, 6. M & S Soaps and Scrubs, 7. A Warm Hug Gift Baskets,8. All A-Board Chopping Boards. 9. Cake N Jar, 10. Made@Borenore, 11. Home made craft products, 12. Jack Herbert Bike Repairs, 13. Gaming tutoring, 14. Radiistic Exotic Radishes, 15. Holley’s Bracelets