Geraldine Roche Drama

Theatre, Film Making, Script Writing

Making use of creative tools to provide social education and change for the betterment of society.

Bulawayo Community Gardens

Community owned & operated vegetable gardens

Sally Foundation established the gardens to empower local communities

Community Outreach

Cooking Schools, Permaculture in Schools, Training & Partnerships

Supporting a number of partner initiatives to help build self-sustaining communities.

In Zimbabwe, Africa, Sally Foundation’s mission is to:


provide assistance to disadvantaged communities or groups of people to improve their life through training, use of drama and other communication tools, education, food supply, fostering employment and business prospects and day to day matters of health and water.

We aim to do this by efficiently partnering with organisations such as ZDDT who have relationships on the ground in the local area and who have a similar ethic of improving local people’s lives in such a way that it fosters the principle of accountability, self-help and sustainability.




Mike has always had an interest in Zimbabwe and the plight of the people there, and he and Geraldine visited the country together in 1983.

Once such a prosperous country (where it was known as the breadbasket of Africa and the largest tobacco supplier in the world) it ended up on its knees and the people suffered enormously. In 2009 the country literally ran out of food.

Today Zimbabwe is embarking on a period of significant renewal, both economically and socially. Sally Foundation, together with its partner ZDDT, is working to help the local communities adjust to this.

Sally Foundation has been overwhelmed by the response from the people in Bulawayo and continues to develop new initiatives in the region.