Global Development Group Australia (GDG)

Global Development Group is a non-government overseas focused humanitarian development organisation founded in Brisbane in 2002. It works together with partners to effectively deliver aid and development projects and activities around the world.

GDG is an approved OAGDS (Overseas Aid Gift Deduction Scheme) organisation. Hence Donations to GDG are tax deductible. Global Development Group also works in areas of specialist relief and humanitarian aid not necessarily covered by some of the larger NGO’s.

GDG maintains 2 Sally Foundation dedicated project accounts: “J838N- Bulawayo Community Gardens” and “J1012 Geraldine Roche Drama”. Read about the official opening of one of the project’s gardens by the Australian Ambassador, Suzanne McCourt, on the GDG blog.

Zimbabwe Development Democracy Trust (ZDDT)
Zimbabwe Development Democracy Trust (“ZDDT”) was founded in Bulawayo in 2009. As a non government Trust, ZDDT works with well-established and reputable relationships at National, District and Ward levels throughout Zimbabwe through an extensive network across business, administration and civil society. It seeks to facilitate decision-making and leadership within the context of accountable governance and a commitment to obey the just laws and democratic institutions of Zimbabwe. ZDDT is seeking to build capacity across the community at all levels with a view of enabling communities to become sustainable and to understand, appreciate and require their representatives act in their best interest. ZDDT has a dedicated AGRI focussed team that work with community leadership and membership teams to transfer experience, add to their capacity and create a pathway to self sustainability. ZDDT also has a highly talented drama program manager who leads and develops a youth team that creates social messaging forums, theatre, films, etc across Zimbabwe.