Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal (FRRR)

The Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal (FRRR) is a not-for-profit organisation established by the Myer Family and the Federal Government to help improve the lives of those living in rural, regional and remote Australia.

Because of its unique tax status, FRRR is an important conduit for philanthropy to rural and regional communities. It has both a national reach and local focus and assists communities in rural, regional and remote Australia by:

  • Providing grant funding where they collaborate with other philanthropic organisations, government and corporations.
  • Lending their tax deductible status to help communities fundraise. They also hold funds on behalf of community organisations through Donation Accounts; and
  • Building local capacity in communities to improve leadership and governance of NFPs, as well as providing support for Community Foundations.
Futures Isle is all about working with young people in regional Australia to help make great ideas happen. The founders have a strong relationship that combines their complimentary skills -a background and skillset in entrepreneurship, an ability to work across different situations and with different people and a deep passion to see any situation through. Via events, workshops, business training exercises and facilitation services they provide skills enhancement, encouragement and pathway guidance to individual young Australians and to groups wanting to take their ideas to a practical and sustainable level. They are deeply involved in the ABC Heywire and ABC Trailblazer programs where Sally Foundation is a strong financial supporter and where Geraldine contributes her 40 years knowledge and experience in working with young people to motivate and help them grow. Futures Isle manage the Trailblazer Expansion Program that Sally Foundation initiated to provide year-round support for an amazing group of Trailblazers. They also provide support for the Sally Foundation Trailblazer Development Grant Program as well as providing help and guidance to our Business in Schools program at Orange High School.
The ABC created the Heywire project in 1998 with the aim of putting young regional Australians at the centre of the conversations that shape their communities. It seeks to find out how the young people of rural and regional Australia think and react to their world. Each year the ABC bring a group of regionally based young people aged 16-18 to Canberra to attend the Heywire Regional Youth Summit and present their ideas. 20 years on, the ABC established ABC Trailblazers – a dedicated program which seeks out young people ‘Trailblazers’ aged 18-to-28 who are doing inspiring things in their region with a commitment to making regional Australia even better. In 2013 FRRR joined forces with the ABC to facilitate the Heywire Grant Program to help regional communities take action on the Heywire ideas- the impact of the grants being felt in over 160 rural and regional communities around Australia. Sally Foundation has been a strong supporter from the outset. The ABC and FRRR also help facilitate the Sally Foundation Trailblazer Development Grant Program set up in 2020. ABC is broadening the Heywire program by also taking it to regional centres via ABC Takeover Shepparton and ABC Takeover Broken Hill. Sally Foundation is actively supporting this Heywire Takeover initiative.