Annual small grants for youth targeted programs in Orange

The Sally Foundation Small Grants (Orange) Program offers grants to youth targeted programs in the area. The grants are made by a committee which includes a majority of Orange based community leaders.


Philosophy: All requests for grants must be to support community based activities that are targeted at young people (up to age 25) as they transition from Primary to Secondary or from school to work or further study, in or within 50kms of Orange, NSW.

Examples include (but are not limited to):

  • Building capacity to incorporate young people into the broader community through activities such as:
    • Activities promoting skills (eg woodwork, metalwork, cooking sewing, etc);
    • community garden programs;
    • community-based social and physical activities that support good health and alleviate social isolation;
    • mentoring or volunteering opportunities that promote the skills and knowledge of younger people;
    • connecting older and young people in dialogue; or
    • improving the capacity and confidence of young people to prepare for future employment
  • Encouraging youth to have a voice that can be heard (eg drama, newspapers, social media, etc)
  • Helping to redress disadvantage caused by social situation

Who received grants in previous years?

Check out the Projects in Orange page for listings of the grants made in the past few years.


in the Sally Foundation Small Grants (Orange) Program

Applications are not currently being taken. Next round will open in 2019.

  1. Fill in the form (using a PDF Reader, such as Acrobat), then save a completed copy to your computer.
  2. Applications must be lodged by email to Sally Foundation at
  3. Please direct any enquiries to Rod Watson (0412 127489) or email Rod at
  4. Applications must be signed by an Authorised Person who is able to commit the organisation- please specify capacity in which Authorised person is signing.
  5. Grants range in size from $500 to a maximum of $3,000
  6. Applications which do not meet the Project Guidelines will not be considered.
  7. These examples will not cover every possibility, opportunity or special need. For that reason, all applications will be reviewed on an individual basis.
  8. Ineligible activities include: administration or operational costs; projects that benefit a single individual rather than a community; personal living, education, medical or travel expenses, equipment for personal use, individual participation at conferences/sporting events; overseas travel and overseas projects; projects that support private/commercial business (NB however social enterprise/ local economic development is eligible). Federal, State and Local Government core business and areas of responsibility are not eligible.
  9. The encouragement or advancement of sport, recreation and social activities is not considered a charitable activity by the Australian Taxation Office. Applications from sporting organisations need to clearly demonstrate benefits beyond sport and to the wider community.
  10. If your project involves working directly with children, your organisation must have policies and procedures around working with children and the handling of child abuse complaints, or the project may not be funded.


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Want to apply for a grant?

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The Sally Foundation Small Grants (Orange) Program offers small grants ($500 to $3000) to youth related programs in the area. The grants are made by a committee which includes a majority of Orange based community leaders.

Grants go towards supporting community based activities that are inclusive of young people and that directly/indirectly benefit youth (up to age 25) in or around Orange, NSW.

Please familiarise yourself with the Project Guidelines (above) and the details required on the Application Form before applying.

Grants are just part of The Sally Foundation’s support for Orange

The Sally Foundation aims to maximise its impact by investing in a range of different activities that support the community of Orange - as a whole. There are three prongs to the Place Based Strategy that Sally is adopting in Orange:

  1. The Canobolas Rural Technology High School (RTHS) Big Picture Academy – a three-year investment, including specific support to enhance leadership capacity within the program;
  2. One-off small grants – toward programs or activities that will enhance the fabric of the Orange community and its capacity going forward; and
  3. The Sally Foundation Small Grants (Orange) Program – operating annually for at least three-years, focused solely on projects that directly or indirectly benefit youth in the Orange area.