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Held in Canberra each February

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It's a chance to share youth issues with government

The Heywire Regional Youth Summit talks bring together young people, politicians, youth organisations and the ABC.

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Proudly supported by SALLY

Attending the awards dinner

Mike & Geraldine shown here attending the 2016 Youth Summit Awards Dinner in Canberra. Photo by Mark Graham.


This catalytic program helps community groups implement the ideas and solutions that emerge from the annual Heywire Regional Youth Summit.

Each February, about 40 young people from rural and regional Australia gather in Canberra to engage in youth-led national conversations about issues that matter to them. Together they develop brilliant ideas to improve the lives of young Australians.

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The Importance of ABC Heywire


Because the impact of this program is far more than just the projects themselves. It encourages young people to speak up and take action, becoming the next generation of regional entrepreneurs and leaders.

This intersects perfectly with what the Sally Foundation thinks is important - fostering the development of young Australians and young people across regional and rural Australia in particular.

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Sally partners with FRRR (Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal) who provide grants to help communities adopt the ideas that emerge from ABC Heywire.


"I have attended 3 Heywire Summits where 40+ young people throughout rural and regional Australia come to Canberra for one week; each time I am amazed and excited by their vivacity, creativity and determination to find new solutions to the concerns of young people.

The topics/themes are timely issues ranging from sustainable careers in Agriculture, to Mental Health issues, to Diversity and many others... whatever is important to the local community.

I feel privileged to be invited to be part of this process and be in the presence of the future leaders of our country.

Having worked with troubled young people I am very aware that it takes great courage to tell their personal story to the public. The ABC team supports and encourages these young people to tell their stories and capture their audience.

As a funder/partner to the FRRR/ABC Heywire Grants I find it very exciting that many projects have an impact long after the 12 month funding period. It is rewarding and uplifting to see these original ideas taken forward and sometimes attracting larger funders."

Geraldine Roche
Founder / Director Sally Foundation


Some of the Heywire participants have gone on to create real change in their regional communities. The new follow-on program, "Trailblazers", provides them the opportunity to share their stories on the ABC. See the official Trailblazers page for more detail...

Two Trains documentary

by Jobi Starick

A 'trailblazer' who used his funding to create an important documentary about the ice epidemic affecting his small Tasmanian town...

Channel Country Ladies Day

by Kristy McGregor and Elizabeth Tate

These 'trailblazers' brought together women from isolated country areas for a social weekend each year...

Gen Aware education

by Jessica Carolyne, Savannah Whieldon & Jamie Treanor

Gen Aware has created educational resources focusing on safety, consent and respect...

Raise your Cards campaign

by Justice King and Jen Pettit

Starting conversations to break the silence around mental illness and help regional young people manage their mental health...