Adding more to communities in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe


These projects are in addition to the main Community Garden Projects that Sally supports.

Geraldine Roche DRAMA

An adjunct to Sally Foundation's work, Geraldine sponsors drama as a tool for social education and change...

NGOZI Dump Site Upgrades

In this neglected community site Sally Foundation has funded a toilet block and library...


Entembeni (adopted by WARD 15) hosted a cooking school for members of the community gardens...

SIZINDA goes Commercial

Part of the Ward 21 garden has turned 100% commercial, supplying to Pick 'n Pay...

Since establishing the first 3 gardens in Bulawayo in 2013, Sally Foundation has been looking at ways to enhance the productivity and hence incomes of the community garden beneficiaries. This has resulted in a number of initiatives being implemented:

  • Increasing the size of the original 3 gardens
  • Converting the hand pumps to diesel pumps
  • Creating independent water supply with solar pumps at Sizinda and Emganwini
  • Ngozi Mine – development in an informal settlement

Sally Foundation provides the majority of the funding for the gardens at Wards 15, 19 and 27, and we partner with GDG Australia who provides a governance oversight role. The project is implemented by the Zimbabwe Development Democracy Trust (ZDDT), a locally based organisation dedicated to creating sustainable development and positive change. Read more about our partners...

Quite separately Geraldine has embarked on a highly effective "education via drama" programme across the 29 Wards in Bulawayo. The Geraldine Roche Drama Programme has enriched the lives of everyone touched by it and has produced amazing outcomes. It is greatly enhancing all the Sally Foundation garden based initiatives and complementing other ZDDT programmes in the community.

GERALDINE ROCHE DRAMA (An adjunct to Sally Foundation)

Amazing Stars Arts Academy performers

Members of the Amazing Stars Arts Academy, trained by Geraldine Roche Drama

geraldine roche drama prize trophies

It was a tightly contested finals competition

pre-show rehearsal photo by chrispen tabvura

Young at Heart specialise in puppetry

BACKGROUND: The Geraldine Roche Drama programme (undertaken by Geraldine outside Sally Foundation) has been running since 2014. It was inspired by a small group that put on a play in the Ward 19 garden when Geraldine visited there. Geraldine sponsors drama as a tool for social education and change in conjunction with Amazing Stars Arts Academy and Young at Heart.

ASAA TRAINING: The drama programme firstly set about providing training over a 17 week period to a wide group of youngsters at the Amazing Stars Arts Academy (“ASAA”). ASAA regularly perform under a programme which uses social messaging to create greater understanding of a diverse range of issues such as citizen rights and responsibilities, what to expect from your Councillor, sex and HIV/AIDS education, domestic and child abuse, climate change and the importance of a clean environment, etc.

YOUNG AT HEART: Geraldine Roche Drama has enabled the Nanzile and Bongo team to work extensively with Orphans and disadvantaged groups via the drama medium of Puppetry, a hugely engaging experience conveying a holistic approach to development. Geraldine helped train the Young At Heart team in Child Counselling.

PERFORMANCES: Geraldine Roche Drama is often performed in the gardens. In addition, in the last 12 months the GRD team has been working very closely with a Residents Education and Enhancement Programme across Bulawayo undertaken by ZDDT on behalf of a number of International Government Agencies. This is a three year programme co-ordinated with ZDDT field officers who convene Residents meetings in the 29 Wards. Drama is also regularly performed at shopping centres, flea markets and bus termini to reach a wide audience from varied backgrounds.

ASAA and Young at Heart have performed for Residents meetings across Bulawayo, in Sally Foundation gardens and at Ngozi Mine.

ADDITIONAL BENEFITS: A spin-off of the programme has been ASAA showing community spirit by adopting an orphan teenager as part of their social responsibility and funding her schooling. Young At Heart also donated a bale of clothes and blankets to Ngozi Residents as their social responsibility gesture.

Cooking School at Entembeni


Community garden members attending cooking classes at Entembeni

ward19 members proud of their award

Ward 19 members received a prize for their cooking

The ZDDT newsletter ran a full page article on the cooking school.

BACKGROUND: In late 2016, Sally Foundation agreed to supply gas for a year to Entembeni Old Aged home (which is supported by Ward 15). The gas is purchased from a nearby local business in the same community.

COOKING SCHOOL: Sally then sponsored a 5-week cooking school for 20 people at Entembeni in a 'train the trainer' activity. Four members from each of the Sally-supported community gardens attended as well as staff from Entembeni.

The Cooking School greatly upskilled members in different cooking combinations, knowledge of different vegetables to grow, and how to make jams and preservatives when oversupply exists. The cooking school was run by two fabulous ladies from Go Green.

ENTEMBENI BENEFITS: Much of the food created during the course was given to the elderly residents at the Home. With Entembeni staff in attendance at the cooking school, they will continue to use newly acquired skills in food preparation, cooking and preserving.

SIZINDA GARDEN BENEFITS: Read about how the Cooking School and the Go Green ladies are greatly enhancing Ward 21 by commercialising part of the garden.

OTHER BENEFITS: The Train the Trainer Model proved very successful and each team took the cooking and produce ideas back to their home garden and ran demonstrations for their garden communities. A team from Ward 19 subsequently entered and won a prize at the Trade Fair.

NGOZI Dump Site settlement

painting the toilet block at ngozi dump site

Painting the new Sally-funded toilet block at Ngozi

bongo and nanzile in action at ngozi

Young At Heart preparing for a Puppetry show

puppetry on display

Puppetry can be used to convey important messages to impoverished locals

BACKGROUND: An informal community of some 600 people, including many orphans, live on or next to a dump site outside Bulawayo, known as Ngozi mine, or Ngozi dump site. They have no basic infrastructure, electricity, facilities or piped water.

FUNDING: In this neglected community Sally has provided funding for a toilet block - the only one in the settlement.

PARTNERS: Sally partnered with the local Bethel Church to enhance this community and hopefully attract other organisations. This has led to Sally Foundation funding a library to enhance a school they have set up in conjunction with Open Schools Worldwide. This is complementary to the toilet block addition.

DRAMA PROGRAMME: Geraldine Roche Drama has also been running a dedicated programme at the NGOZI Mine dump site. Drama is regularly performed there with Young At Heart.

The holistic approach adopted by Young at Heart highlights messages such as behaviour change, human rights and birth registration awareness. These are conveyed through puppetry making it easy for the audience to understand.

BENEFITS: The YAH programmes at Ngozi have impacted positively in the community in many respects -from attracting organisations who have assisted people to get their birth certificates, an increased number of people going to HIV testing, greater awareness of the dangers of sexual/child exploitation, understanding self worth - to name a few.

And at the same time as bringing some laughter and joy to an impoverished group and some dignity as residents can now utilise a proper private toilet for the first time. A good example of how Sally Foundation and Geraldine Roche drama work together.

WARD 21 (Sizinda) Goes Commercial

produce to sell at market

Ward 21 - Sizinda now supplies produce to Pick 'n Pay


Ward 21 - Sizinda members with their first payment from selling produce


Ward 21 - fresh produce to be sent to market

BACKGROUND: After the Sally Foundation cooking school was held across the Wards (15,19,21 and 27) in early 2017, their newly acquired skills prompted a major initiative at WARD 21.

Go Green, who ran the cooking school, saw an opportunity to grow members' income and suggested to Sally Foundation that we encourage members of the large 1.5 hectare Sizinda garden at Ward 21 to convert part of Sizinda to a commercial garden who would supply Pick 'n Pay supermarket, and a relationship was born.

Part of the garden is now 100% commercial and approved as a supplier to Pick 'n Pay supermarket.

COMMERCIAL GARDEN STARTS UP: Sizinda has plenty of water because of the solar pump and is a large garden with over 100 families as members. 17 of these self-selected into an initial commercial growers group and worked with Go Green to develop the concept. This required careful selection of suitable produce, enhanced composting and sourcing of seedling and quality control. Much activity ensued to bring this idea into reality - outgrowing contract terms, product acceptance by Pick 'n Pay, enhanced project governance at Sizinda.

BRAND and PRODUCT MARKETING: Go Green have their own brand and approved status as a supplier to Pick 'n Pay. They are assisting Sally Foundation to establish its own brand "Ma Siziba". Product labels are in preparation and trademark licenses are in train.

BENEFITS: This commercialisation will greatly improve the incomes of the participating beneficiaries. It is early days, but this initiative augurs well for improvement in community wellbeing and income.

COMPLEMENTARY TO POULTRY: The Australian Embassy Development Aid Programme (DAP) and Sally Foundation co-operated to add a commercial poultry out-growers scheme to Sizinda. This is an additional value-add to the project and increases and diversifies the income source from the garden community.