An important adjunct to Sally Foundation's work in Zimbabwe


"In April 2014 I visited Bulawayo for the first time to meet with the ZDDT team who took us to visit the community gardens which we support through Sally Foundation.

At the garden a drama group (ASAA) performed. I was impressed by the way everyone - locals and the two Australians - were enthralled and entertained. It was obvious that these talented young people enjoyed communicating through drama.

On my return to Australia memories of this performance coupled with my own experience using drama as a communication tool moved me to contact ZDDT regarding my interest in promoting the drama initiative.

Several ideas came to mind:

  • Empower young people from various wards
  • Addition /expansion to the concepts that ZDDT is trying to foster in the community
  • Drama as a tool for education/ imparting community messages
  • Promoting harmony / conflict resolution within each local community
  • An added bonus of providing some fun in an otherwise challenging existence

The project now has a momentum of its own; the opportunity to explore community issues and develop communication channels is invaluable.

The councillors and community leaders have enabled the drama project to prosper bringing together people from different backgrounds in a meaningful and creative way."

Geraldine Roche
Sydney, Australia

Geraldine provided these thoughts 1 year on from the conception of Geraldine Roche Drama programme.

Her words were read out by Forgiven (of the Amazing Stars Arts Academy) at an awards ceremony for the inaugural AASA training programme and competition run across Bulawayo in 2014.

Geraldine Roche Drama Bulawayo - ZDDT newsletter cover

Geraldine Roche Drama Bulawayo Zimbabwe 2016-2017Click the image to download a PDF report (4.5MB) on the achievements made in 2016-2017 through Geraldine Roche Drama.